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There is a primeval and mysterious rain forest on the island of Yakushima, full of thousand-year-old cedar trees, covered with rare mosses and wild azaleas.

The splendour of the Palais Garnier. The mythical health spa preferred by Franz Kafka, with its baroque architecture where under the rococo arcades of its thermal baths with seven mineral springs, floats the fragrant aromas of green tea, cardamom and nutmeg, while the healing waters exude aromatic mists from the warm and humid stones, perfumed with sandalwood and white musk.

From the streets overlooking Osaka Bay rises a warm, spicy scent of crystallised ginger, a cool, tingly fragrance of coriander root and the unctuosity of sweet fig. The slow metamorphosis of frivolous Marquises, of rustling cancan dancers, of bird-men, of rhinestone-winged archangels in a whirlwind of fragrances of naked skin, of powder, of lipstick, of glittering make-up.

Rising from a snow-covered landscape, delectable vapours of green citrus fruit, peppermint-frozen magnolia, crystal clear moss and musk. A deliciously refreshing, invigorating breath of wind blows sweet scents: Within the spire of church-incense dissolves the dark and secret emanations of oud, cedar wood and nutmeg, followed by the lighter, more vegetal gum resin and cypress.

In the old neighbourhood of Kitano, you stroll among curious European houses built by former nostalgic foreign residents. Suave Styrax resin and Nutmeg are joined by the scent of green almonds from Coumarin, the celebrated molecule of the age. A hike in the wilderness, through mountain trails, following chamois and ibexes as they run and play higher up the rocky slopes.

Un campement, un troupeau de chevaux. Through the big bay window overlooking green altitude meadows, the Northern light pours her powdery rays all over brushes, palettes, tubes, paint pots, sketched canvasses and rags still wet with linseed oil.

A spicy plunge into the heart slot americain occasion the old town. Gusts slot theory citrus fruit, sharp and alive; lemons from Italy, Bergamot and Scented Geranium all invade the air.

Endless sandy beaches and wild vegetation surround the New England artist enclave of Provincetown. Le soleil se couche sur les monts Rokko.

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Wandering, lost amongst the narrow, paved streets. The winding path moves uphill through fragrant altitude pastures, from where the eye embraces the glacier, and then the snowy, staggering and magnificent peaks of the Grand Paradis. Suddenly, everything is quiet: The air vibrates with the slightly powdery effusions of flower pollen.

A centre for encounters and for meditation, the residents delight in the subtle fragrances of lemon tree leaves, lavender and oregano flowers. A North African city with Parisian overtones.

Ballet movements in the Great Hall: Lost in Swiss Alpine pastures, at the heart of a small and peaceful village, stands the imposing and magnificent wooden structure of the Grand Chalet. Sun is setting on the Rokko Mountains. Intoxicating fresh air and sea mist combine with the scents of wild berries, beach grass,wintergreen and cedar that have grown for millennia around the dunes and salty marshlands.

King Gustav II would give it to his Viking warriors to render them invincible. A rush of wild fennel across sandy beaches, basil leaf, flavours of star anise and dune lilies, liquorice-tinted myrrh. An air-conditioned city of concrete deserves a resolutely futuristic fragrance.

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Suave mixture de fleurs des champs, de fleur d'oranger, de fleur d'amandier, d'une touche de miel blanc. Whitewashed Haussmanian facades, Persian blinds painted blue, overwhelming heat, a touch of sulphur in the air.

In the shade of hundred-year-old cypress trees, we revel in mists of fresh citrus and abandon ourselves to the haunting fragrance of cedar leaves and cypress wood. A harmonious chord of moss accentuates the feeling of freshness. Enchanting effusions emanating from boats loaded with spices and citrus fruit, slowly crossing the bay.

A stroll through the city of extremes. The tasty sensation of a slice of pastiera and an expresso at Scaturchio, the best pastry bar in Naples. Stromboli, with its rivers of lava and fire, tufts of white smoke and black sand beaches.

Le roi Gustav II en abreuvait ses guerriers Vikings pour les rendre invincibles. Narrow back streets; buildings upon buildings; an overheated atmosphere - a thousand heady flavours rise to your senses: Sweet, deep, fragrant waves mixed with woody notes of Javanese vetiver and its smoky, sunny accents. Following the paths to the sacred sites: The interlaced lanes and cobblestones in this pastel and ochre old city hide the secret address of the famous Swedish Bitters Elixir.

Dominating the sea, a 'perched village' of Provence crowned with its Carolinian castle.

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Neon letters on theater billboards flicker everywhere, while below the casino eau de cologne lavande and bustle of the crowd. A marvelous and delicate earthy aroma exudes from the dense and luxuriant vegetation, with its enormous yakusugi trunks and limpid waterfalls.

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Richly upholstered foyers reach to the very roof of the Opera, where thick streams of honey are collected from hives which spread the giddying notes of beeswax absolute, made sublime by minute additions of sandlewood and styrax resin.

Rising in the middle of the endless desert, an airy construct of crunchy green notes, sweet acidic rhubarb, 'Rose Oxide' and metallic vibrations.

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A genuine scent of nature; a long summer holiday on an island. An escape into the wild desert steppe. After the storm, mists of lavender, damp earth and humus winding through the woods. A cluster of sensual, opulent roses from Morocco and fruity ones from Turkey, entwined with green, vegetable notes from violet leaves, galbanum, verbena, spicy effusions of cinnamon leaf.

The air thrills with the woody aroma of the tall cedars nearby, and the inexpressible fragrance of the ancient stones in the heat of the sun.

Casino eau de cologne lavande