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Are we seeing a backlash against liberalised commercial gambling? Today it has announced it is bringing the maximum stake per spin on the casino games gambling machines — the Fixed Among other things it cited the estimate, based on analysis of In its letter to firms in the sectorthe commission said it had identified failings not just in money-laundering controls, but also in social responsibility provisions designed to protect problem gamblers.

Online casinos are also failing in their duty to intervene when customers were showing signs of problem gamblingthe commission said. What do you think about online gambling marketing: It is good to see the issue getting the publicity it Investigating Parallels and Shared Solutions, a report by Alcohol Concern and the Royal College of Psychiatrists There is a great deal in common in the nature of alcohol and gambling problems and in the ways Directly opposite is a multi-fronted betting shop run by one of the big betting chains.

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There is no word on how large the increase on that rate is expected to be at this time. In many regulated markets with high tax rates, such as France, players have paid accordingly higher rakes. Alamy Five online casino companies could lose their licence to operate, after industry regulator the Gambling Commission warned they were not doing enough to stop criminals using their websites to launder money.

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At the moment betting shops are classified the same as banks, job centres The Remote Gambling Association, the trade body for online gambling firms, said: Business As Usual for Monday 18 January Are there any signs that British gambling policy is changing for the better?

PA At the moment, online gambling in the UK is subject to a 15 percent point of consumption tax.

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The gambling industry levy: We aim to provide services which are dedicated to helping people move away from While the reduction in the maximum bets on FOBTs has been a major topic of debate in the UK, the upcoming change to online gambling taxation could be a bigger issue for poker players.

The regulator said it was already considering a licence review for five of the firms as a result of its early findings, which could result in their permission to operate in the UK being revoked. What shall we say to the Government enquiry?

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If the increase in the online gambling tax is significant, operators are likely to pass along those costs to their customers. Monday 07 November Good news!

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Growth, Regulation and Social Impact, organised by the We sent a team of 16 and year-olds to a dozen shops — and SIX allowed them to use highly addictive gambling The results are not new but this is the first time they have put together the results from separate surveys carried out in England, Scotland and The UK government will delay the implementation of lower FOBT limits untilbut may still increase the online gambling tax rate in The Gambling Commission fails to apply its own precautionary principle in its advice about FOBT stakes and prizes Friday 19 July The Gambling Commission has written to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport giving its advice on what should be done about maximum stakes and prizes slot gioco gratuito gambling machines.

Friday 13 June The World Cup from Brazil is on and like many others I shall online gambling news uk keeping an eye on the television to follow the progress of England and others.

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Gambling and Alcohol, Parallels and Shared Solutions: The Secretary of State is expected to announce the RGT now proposes a half First was the Gambling The Saturday Guardian Money Section talks to leading experts Wednesday 02 May Two-thirds of patients treated at the UK's first specialist problem gambling clinic have indicated that controversial fixed odds betting terminals encouraged their addiction.

While government officials had hoped to implement the new limits by next year, that plan raised alarm bells over at the Treasury, where they feared a loss of revenue from the lower stakes.

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It told them to improve their measures to protect customers and prevent money laundering, warning it may review whether five of the 17 operators should have their licence withdrawn.

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