Rhodes Family Hotels

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Young people staying in Rhodes town still go to Faliraki for nightlife too and you can arrange a taxi to take you there and bring you back for a few Euro. Rhodes is a hip city and there is an ever changing list of popular clubs, concerts and a whole street full of cool bars called Orfanidi Street also known as Bar Street which starts at Psarapoula Square on the west coast at the beginning of 28th of October street, and ends on Nikiforos Mandalara street.

In addition to swimming there are loads of water-based sports rides to buy in to and there is at least one public water park. Along this coastal strip you will find the best beaches and the bulk of the tourism infrastructure — hotels, restaurants, shops, rental outfits etc.

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My question is this, would we be better in another resort or is the Old Town ok? Between the two is the highly touristed and commercialised centre of Faliraki — lots to do and see but frankly, not very Greek. This is our 3rd time in Athens so probably were going to leave the Athens stay until the end of our trip.

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For those who want a movie there is the Multi-Cinema Metropol and the 5 Cinema Pallas which show first run movies. Tips for a couple of nice beaches along the east coast: Bus connections from Rhodes Town are good.

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Prominent personalities Prominent personalities honored the hotel with their presence, such as Eleftherios Venizelos, Constantine Karamanlis, Georgios Papandreou, Aristotle Onassis, Winston Churchill, etc. My question is for a family with kids age which place is the best beaches, location, things to do?


It is generally cluttered, busy and bereft of any taste or sense. Facilities and services provided by the Hotel are: Wherever you go here in Summer you will find people — lots of them! The good news is that it is probably better than anywhere you have been lately. We did not stay but my daughter bugged us to casino rodos pool back there every night and I feel guilty now that we didn't.

Presumably you want water, beach toddler facilities? Rhodes Town to Lindos and Lindos onwards to Prasonisi. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. With the exception of the very busy and touristy Faliraki, this coast is the domain of large, yet well-spaced out luxury hotels, small cosy bays, wider sandy bays and a generally more protected coastline.

Poseidon, Apollo, Helios, Artemis, Heracles, Hera, Dione, each has its own suite, a room with discreet luxury, which takes the visitor back in time. All recommendations are welcome!

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Alternatives to Naxos November 24, at The glorious path came to an end when the doors of the Hotel permanently closed in the late 60s. The bars and clubs are not jammed with people except during high-season. An even more genuine village is the village of Lachania a little further south: Family Vacation in Rhodes November 6, at The club is owned by Kostas and Manolis Iraklidis who went to my high school in Athens and were casino rodos pool enamoured with Rhodes that they moved here and opened their club which has been going strong for over twenty-five years.

Rhodes also has direct flights from western Europe — unlike Naxos. Do you have any recommendations on what area to stay in Rhodes our kid may or may not be walking by then, so would think a place close to Old Town would be good?


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Paris Nightlife in Rhodes Rhodes is famous for its nightlife. And can I be sure there is a fruit fig in August? They range from pebbly to sandy, but in general are noted for being unshaded by trees and natural vegetation so beach umbrella and loungers abound. Whilst we would love to take in a day in the Old Town, the main aim is to relax and enjoy the pool and beaches.

Finally, and on the topic of the Old Town: I was thinking about the beginning of June, just because August will probably be crowded and expensive.

The 11 Best Kid Friendly Hotels in Rhodes, Greece

The beach itself on this side is pretty good, though in August it will be crowded. July and August have great weather, warm seas, and lots of tourists. You can always hire a car and drive to the fast, fun beaches like Tsambika and retire to the comfort of your rented villa or apartment in Gennadi.

It is a small self-contained village that supports a more low-key tourism clientele. If you want to be near that, then your only real option is to either stay in the Old Town itself and there are some spectacular boutique hotels on offer, or stay near the town beach in the New Town itself.

June and September are the best months for a beach and sun vacation.


The Art Gallery Rodon on the corner of Lambrakis and Amerikis streets displays the works of well known as well as lesser known artists. Also we would like to be near the big market bazaar. That is about 20kms from the airport and is on the East side of Rhodes.

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There are plenty of things to do in Rhodes apart from shop and swim. There are numerous casino rodos pool, theater and musical performances in the ancient stadium, and the outdoor theater in the old town.

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It is a tacky touristy village gone mad. A getaway before the Winter season kicks in. Base yourself somewhere that has enough of what you like and drive to your beach or bazaars daily.

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For other best beaches in Rhodes the formula is pretty simple: Your kids may enjoy its noise and confusion, but would you? After Rhodes we were thinking of flying back to Athens then driving to Lefkada. In June, it is not as pronounced as it is in say, August when it can really howl through the Central Aegean affecting Rhodes, though not as severely as say, Mykonos.

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Use Google maps to take a walk around the village area and even to have a look at the beach, which is a pebbled beach as opposed to more desirable for most sandy strand. Rhodes with Teens December 22, at You can get information on their shows and programs by e-mailing info progress4people.

Why is Rhodes great for families?

Outside of this arc you will find less cluttered places and villages that still go about their island life unperturbed. Whilst in Rhodes we were thinking Faliraki, either one of the resorts near the beach or villa apartment with pool, but near beach, with separate bedroom.

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For a relaxing Greek menu the Taverna Platanos in the village is a really nice spot even to make an out-of-the-way trip to get to. Hotels are much cheaper too but many establishments close down from November until late Easter.

And the promise was accomplished. These are all in the Grand style of hotel, have a decent beach scene and all the facilities of a large resort hotel.

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The west side tends to be straggly and exposed and while great for touring — a popular day-trip excursion is to drive down one side of the island and back up the other — places to stay and things to do down here are few and far between. And of course the famous Casino Rodosknown to attract important personalities from around the world.

This is a popular tourist strip and is close enough to the market bazaar of the Old Town. The beginning of June is a wise decision because the crowds will not be so in your face and you will have some breathing space to enjoy what is a large and beautiful island.

Rhodes Family Hotels – The Guide