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Hong kong legal gambling age. Hong Kong Gambling Sites, Law and Taxes

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Hong Kong people have the highest mobile internet usage rate in the Asia Pacific region, amongst them many are students. Underage Gambling Prevalence of illegal websites gambling Underage gambling is a global concern.

The HKJC estimates that this is only a small fraction of the money involved in illegal gambling. There are no taxes on gambling winnings here. Locality of Gambling and Bookmaking With the proliferation of offshore betting sites, in particular for football betting, section 8 of the Gambling Ordinance was amended to make it clear that it is an offence to bet in Hong Kong with an unauthorized bookmaker, hong kong legal gambling age of whether the bookmaker is located in Hong Kong or offshore.

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In other words, they have easy access to illegal gambling activities through their smartphones anytime, anywhere. Worst still, the Internet-based operation of these bookmakers makes it even more difficult for proper Government regulation and strict law enforcement.

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The current legal gambling age in Hong Kong is Keeping in mind that laws prohibit online gambling here, the reality is that authorities here generally turn a blind eye to these activities. Maximum Penalties The maximum penalties for unlawful gambling are on the following sliding scale: Poker is one of the fastest growing games and there are lots of great sites and big bonuses to select from.

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By the same token, the World Lottery Association prescribes 18 as the recommended legal gambling age in its responsible gambling guideline. Legal Gambling Age Recognising the far-reaching repercussions of this problem, countries around the world are proactively analysing the causes behind underage gambling and its possible association with problem gambling, in the hope of devising effective measures to mitigate the problem.

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The Hong Kong Dollar is the official currency in this country and it is accepted at all betting establishments. Studies in other countries generally show that more than half of secondary school students have gambled for money in the previous year involving all forms of gambling, in particular social gambling, lotteries, betting on sports and casino games.

It is widely thought that if online gambling becomes regulated here, there could possibly be a tax on winnings.

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This is a classic yes and no answer. Two Interpol cross-border operations during the Championships resulted in more than 4, arrests across 11 countries including China, France and Singapore; and crackdowns on certain illegal betting websites and call-centres in Asia. Watching sports is universally popular amongst young adults, the Association believed that raising the age limit will only benefit the illegal operators who can take advantage of this to attract more young patrons.

Underage persons are vulnerable to thousands of illegal and offshore gambling websites readily available online, many of which are not regulated by law and do not have any age control.

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Online gamers are advised to check their preferred online betting site to find an option that works for them. The Hong Kong Jockey Club enjoys a monopoly and they run a tight ship. Make sure to take a peek at the casino and poker reviews as well when you are searching for a trusted online gaming site.

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Hong Kong being an advanced digital city also increases the chance of young people coming into contact with illegal gambling opportunities.

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