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When the bell sounded Frank had a game plan and never deviated from it.

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When the bell sounded Lewis came out looking to take control of the fight early. I think Delery is going to have to throw more than Rodriguez and keep moving, while fighting from the outside, throwing different combinations. Jones winner 2nd rd. He gets his confidence and mental toughness from his stablemates where he has to hold his own out of necessity more than by choice.

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Tickets can be purchased at the door. Lewis winner by decision. I think Rodriguez can play two parts in this fight. Delery has decent footwork. When these warriors came out of their corners there was a short feeling out period before they were trading leather.


Andy Pholkham — U. Ingram winner by decision. When the bell sounded to start this highly anticipated fight both fighters came forward looking to establish their dominance. He was using good footwork, landing clean punches, moving in and out, staying out of range and making Garcia miss. When the bell rang to start this fight Cross was more than ready. His training transitions into the ring.

Rodriguez is a patient fighter, which makes him dangerous.

Martinez is and Benoit was making his ring debut but they looked like they each had 10 fights. Rodriguez has good footwork and has a solid foundation. Cross was again left without an opponent.

Delery does a good job at keeping his hands up to defend himself. Montes outworked McIntyre for 3 rounds picking up the win by unanimous decision.

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The Super Cruiserweight division weight limit will now be lbs and the Jr Heavyweight limit will be lbs and the Heavyweight division will remain the same at lbs. Prior mental preparation is key for both fighters.

Bennett winner 2nd rd. Jekora was the stronger puncher and seemed to land more punches in the exchanges. Taking into account the styles of Rodriguez and Delery this fight promises to be a memorable slugfest. Lewis was facing a bigger opponent with more experience. Tough fight to score. These guys completely emptied themselves in a full on dogfight to prove who was the better fighter. Rodriguez has a stiff jab and a solid right.

Rodriguez does the same but he also knows how to counter after being touched. Regardless of the outcome it was a star making performance that put the super welterweight division on notice. Beautiful jabs, right hands and body work were traded throughout the fight. Both fighters had their moments.

When the score cards were added up we had a winner. Quitugua winner by decision.

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I think this will be a good test for both of them. The Jr Heavyweight division will shrink the weight gap to 11 lbs and 8 lbs. His basic punches are solid, which sets up his hooks and upper cuts. This discipline works to his benefit. Rodriguez works hard to prepare for his fights and is focused while under pressure in the ring. When the final bell ended it was Benoit who would walk away with the win.

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Both guys are tough, respectable fighters. When the bell rang Montes stayed busy throwing punches in bunches keeping McIntyre on defense. Rodriguez also has to train hard and stay disciplined.

Martinez did a good job of cutting the ring off and trapping Stevens against the ropes and going to the body. I think whoever wants it more will be the tougher fighter during the fight. Jay Devlin — U.


Garcia was holding his ground against the 5th ranked Ingram and edged out the first round. This brutal 3 round war showcased both fighters grit and toughness. Half way through the 3rd round both fighters stood in the middle of the ring and showed their warrior spirit and went at it throwing everything they had at each other.

Unfortunately, Pavey was forced to pull out of that fight also. Unfortunately, I did not go the distance with Delery to feel his power.

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This was a great style matchup. This was a tremendous fight with both fighters giving everything they had of themselves.

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For Shay it was a huge opportunity, beat Lewis and gain a significant win over a marque opponent and get back on track for another shot at the title. The show kicked off with a pair of Middleweights.

Rodriguez closes the distance well and is a well balanced fighter. Desjarlais winner by decision. Delery is an athlete who is in great shape. Quitugua and Padilla use to train at the same gym before their trainers parted ways. Pholkham seemed to get the best of Pacheco in the exchanges and landed the cleaner punches. What these lady warriors delivered was special.

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