Final Fantasy 13-2 Serendipitous Guide – Slot Machines and Chocobo Racing

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Then press down to pull the lever. LordOfSeraphim LordOfSeraphim - 6 years ago 1 0 The Piggyback Games Guide suggests actually getting a good amount of coins in Chocobo Racing, since the machines can be a bit inconsistent and it might take time to get the coins you need.

You can trade Gil for Coins to buy your way through 3 of the frags and the Chickochick Down is just waiting to be picked up. Once I have the trophies I'll ditch that file and go back to my normal one.

Level it up to 45 Max and it would be a force to reckon with on the race track.

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You start with 5, coins and end by 15, coins. The two best possible moods are That machines on fire! In the morning, if you have won 10, coins and Lucky Coin fragment, well and good.

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The best way is to just make Gil and buy the coins. Use only Potent Materials all the way to level Now, use a rubber band to hold LB button to keep the machine running.

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If you just want to beat all the races and collect the items for the sake of doing it, I recommend waiting till you find the Gold Chocobo in a treasure chest in A Dying World AF. I won over coin once I reach victory mode and went into super victory mode after that.

Slot Machines are pretty much effortless to play. Finally, rewards from Slot Machines are higher than Chocobo Racing so it is well-worth the risk.

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Just make sure your controller doesn't auto off. You know, just get a whole lotta coins. I bet on my chocobo and win with dark horse each race plus the race amount. In Super Victory Mode, youll spend coins with each pull, but the payout vastly increases.

A very brief cutscene will play once its unlocked, unlike the trophy which will require you to either exit the slot machine or exit the chocobo racing menu. It only tracks what you are taking from the Casino and not what you put into it.

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Skip section You wanna know what I think? You can then retry your luck with your 1, CC again. This place I've ended up at, it's like a paradise for dead folk. This frag you must win 10, coins by gambling either with Slots or Chocobo Races!

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With only thirteen day You can watch the tutorial to see how it all works, but this is very misleading since it makes it look like triple jackpots happen all the time. Infinite Undiscovery Mistaken for a renowned hero, Capell is thrust into serendipity ffxiii-2 slots conflict to sever the chains that bind the moon to his world. Even if you dont make lots of easy coin, you will come closer to unlocking a very difficult to find fragment called the Lucky Coin.

Kill Yomi with a Durable Collector Catalog serendipity ffxiii-2 slots few times, and buy coins for all of that. With Battlemania fragment skill serendipity ffxiii-2 slots can fight these things almost non stop.

Your final coins count should be 10, coins more than your starting number e.

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The time the machine give the best odd is when it say "It's like a hot summer's day! Simply level a silver chocobo as per the guide, play the upper level races and your coins will pile up.

That just me playing around for 10 minutes or so. You might have to make a few worthless attempts with the machines before you get a hot Mood but when you do, stick around and prepare to spend some Casino Coins.

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Leave it all night, or just a few hours. Just do auto play until you hit victory mode and than do manual play the rest of the way giving you the best chance to get If not, load a previous save and start over.

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I'd have to sell all my stuff to get the other money I need. Remember, you need to win 10, Coins not earn. Go to the Archylte Steppe and set it to sunny, go into the ditch furthest to the west and follow it all the way south, when you're in that southwestern corner you get in lots of fights with Moblins.

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Because I only have K at the moment and that only buys 10K. Motomu Toriyama has confirmed that the resemblance to the Gold Saucer is intentional, with the camera view set at a distance rather than following the characters closely. If you want real money, youre going to want to bump up the machines mode to Victory or Super Victory Mode. Fable III Fans new and returning will now embark on an epic adventure, where the race for the crown is only the beginning of yo Keep wining til you have recovered what you lost and WON 10, coins on top of that.

If you are speeding the game up with that fragment skill, it should take about 30 minutes.

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See, some people die before they have a proper chance to live, but here they can enjoy themselves and forget about their regrets. Remember, you may have to win 10, coins in one go or achievement will not pop-up. This trucos blackjack electronico the best chocobo of all, but will require a lot of leveling and therefore a lot of gil spent on expensive monster materials to get it into top shape.

Serendipity ffxiii-2 slots